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Dexter should rethink this sidekick business

Dexter, what are you doing?

I wrote previously that the current season of Dexter was looking good. Now, I’m not so sure. Here’s why not.

My favourite part of Dexter is the villains. Season two had that crazy English chick, season three had Jimmy Smits and last season we had that annoyingly lovable teddy bear killer. Each one of those was intro’d in the season’s pilot ep. What of season five? No villian / rival / homicidal love interest to be seen. It wasn’t much later that we meet ‘Lumen’. I hate her. A really pathetic rape victim Dexter liberates from one of his early bungled kills, she reeks of pain in the arse. Her thing is she was raped and now wants to kill everyone she thinks raped her. Apparently there were a few. But she doesn’t know who. Comes off just looking like she hates all men. Uh-oh. This is getting into dangerously lame territory already, and then Dexter decides to go and help her cover up her crimes as some sort of proxy revenge against the already dead man, that he killed, that murdered his wife.

So let me predict what is going to happen here. I may be very, very wrong, but being wrong at this point would make me happy. Dexter helps her out a few times, she turns a bit too crazy with all the killing and then needs to be put down. Either he does it himself and moves on, or she gets caught in some tragic crossfire and there is a vague hint of emotion in some overrought scene where she dies in his arms. Please, please let me be wrong.

Why is a sidekick a bad idea? The same idea Batman and Robin was a bad idea. You have someone otherwise cool, being dragged down by someone lame. It’s debatable whether Dexter was ever ‘cool’ but certainly his many crises of character and conscience have not benefitted from the best writing on TV lately. Bringing this quasi-sentimentality in now takes my least favourite part of the show, shoves it into the spotlight, and the result is truly cringworthy.

My advice to ol’ Dex? Ditch the broad, get your shit together and get back to the killing. Hopefully season six will mark a return to form for this otherwise stellar series. I’m hoping and praying it gets back on the rails but right now it looks headed to meet up with Prison Break and Dollhouse at that heavenly place once-good TV shows go to die. Hell, even Mr Chris ‘Last Season Kiss of Death’ Vance is set to make an apperance.

Pogo Does Dexter

After writing about how promising the new season of Dexter looked, I’m now finding it a bit stale. That said, the most interesting thing about that lovable serial killer at the moment is this clip I found by Australia DJ Pogo. It’s a track composed entirely of samples from the show which seems to be Pogo’s style. Fun fact: his YouTube Channel is under the intriguing name ‘Fagottron’. Have a watch; a couple more of his videos are below.

On a related note, does anyone else think that the dead animal pickup killer from the last 2 episodes looks uncannily like Epic’s Cliffy B?

Guilt Can Be A Killer

Things are changing for Dexter this season. At this point it’s fair to say Dexter has had a good run. From season to season we’ve seen the guy go through a variety of crises, each more intriguing than the last. Strange then that it’s taken until season 5 to explore what you’d expect to be the quintessential dilemma of a killer; guilt.

Dare I call this turn of events ironic? There are a number of firsts for Dexter Morgan here. After the killing of hundreds the first death to inspire any remorse is his wife’s and one that’s not his hands. Later in the premiere episode we see him take another life and the first not cleverly orchestrated; not premeditated and certainly not justified by Dexter’s code. No, we see for the first time a crime of passion; doubly interesting given his lack of any emotion whatsoever. This act and the subsequent breakdown say to me we’re going to be seeing a whole different side of Dexter this season. And I like it.

That said, I doubt the writers are going to indulge themselves by stringing out this psychological exploration for 13 episodes. The premiere episode was devoid of hints as to who this season’s primary villain is going to be and if history is any indication this something to look forward to as well. Drawing into contrast the psyches of different killers and watching them attempt to best each other is probably my favourite part of this show.

Colour me excited all round and let’s hope the second episode manages to maintain the momentum of the first.


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