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Chinese Factory Loses a Nintendo 3DS

Stolen Nintendo 3DS?

Forums over at are chattering about a supposed Nintendo 3DS production model that has reportedly been smuggled out by a factory employee somewhere in China.

From the look of these photos, the device could be more of a fingerprint magnet than we might have suspected. Further, wasn’t it supposed to be bigger than the current DS Lite?

Nintendo, as you’d expect, isn’t confirming or denying the legitimacy of the device. Suppose the only confirmation we’re likely to get is news of this enterprising employee jumping off the roof.

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SSF4 Makes the 3DS a Day-1 Purchase

The Nintendo 3DS Nintendo recently announced the 3DS’s specs and availability; February for Japan and March for the rest of us in 2011. Until now little more than a curiosity, the machine’s lineup – pledge titles and all – as well its raw processing grunt have framed it as something more. That combined with its current more-expensive-than-a-Wii pricepoint suggest something far more ambitious than its original pitch back in May.

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, however, is what really secured this an immediate buy at my end. The port supposedly includes all the features of the console release and Arcade-only (so far) extras Yun and Yang bother me little. The recently uncovered 3rd-person perspective ads some additional incentive, although I can already see charging those down, up moves and dealing with crossups is going to get real annoying, real quick.

The only question remaining is whether to pay whatever no-doubt ridiculous premium Play-Asia chooses to stick me with in order to get the device a month before local retail.


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