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Exploring WoW Alpha: The Kingdom of ‘Ahn’Quiraj’

Inside the Temple of Ahn'Quiraj

Much of the old world in World of Warcraft changed a lot between alpha, beta and final retail builds of the game. In this series I’ll explore zones that differ substantially from their pre-release versions.

This is an early look at the zone ‘Ahn’Quiraj’, long before the zone itself became ‘Silithus’ and Ahn’Quiraj was relegated to raid instances in it. A lot of the geometry and doodads remained but a lot were also cut. The Temple itself remains almost identical however. Take a gander below. Guess it’s coming full circle now that this is all becoming an outdoor zone again in Cataclysm.



And just to note, I’m calling it ‘Ahn’Quiraj’ because that’s how it was originally spelt as per original WoW maps. Funny, huh? Suppose they figured the Qiraji can spell however they like without worrying about pesky English conventions. Old Silithus

I’m going to attempt a couple more of these in the next little while. I think the old versions of Karazhan in Deadwind Pass and Strathholme in the Plaguelands would be fun to look at next.

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